Teach The Team with Corporate Workshops

The following stress management workshops may be tailored for your corporate or team building needs.  Attendees will receive supplemental literature and discounts on future products to enhance their learning experience.  

“That was outstanding.  We learned powerful techniques for dealing with the stress of sales meetings and negotiations” -Sales Director, Intel Security

Example Stress Management Workshops

Hacking Your Nervous System™ for Less Stress

This class focuses on mind-body techniques that regulate the autonomic nervous system. The fastest way to calm our nerves is to breathe and change our body position. You'll experience a variety of breathing techniques and body positions from ancient Tibet and the east. This training is adapted from the Defense Centers of Excellence Study on the Autonomic Nervous System.  

Deep Relaxation Experience™ for Teams

This workshop guides you through the easiest and most advanced ways to relax the nervous system.  Whether you have everyday stress or complex post traumatic stress, these techniques will release pent up tension and restore a state of calm to the body.  No prior experience is required.  You will be amazed at how relaxed you feel.  Guaranteed.

Breathing for Higher Performance

Learn the secret techniques from Himalayan masters and Kung Fu experts to achieve higher performance and less stress.  These techniques are helpful to anyone in a high stress profession like sales people, lawyers, doctors, and peacekeepers.  You'll learn practical techniques that can be done in the morning, when anxiety strikes, or when you simply want higher performance.

Nutrition for Neurogenesis and Stress Resilience – Grow A Calm Brain

Many stressed people such as soldiers and peace-keepers are deficient in critical nutrients for nervous system health.  This training discusses cutting edge research from neuroscience including neuroplasticity and nutrition from universities and the National Academy of Sciences.  You’ll learn about the importance of choline, healthy fats, antioxidants, binders, and amino acids.  

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